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Together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, CloudCommerce can deliver end-to-end business intelligence and marketing solutions through a range of services and capabilities. SWARM implementations can include some or all of these capabilities.

Services Provided by Our Subsidiary Companies:

Data Analytics

To deliver the highest Return on Investment (“ROI”) for our customers’ digital marketing campaigns, we utilize sophisticated data science to identify the correct universes to target relevant audiences. Our ability to understand and translate data drives every decision we make. By listening to and analyzing our customers’ data we are able to make informed decisions that positively impact our customers’ business. We leverage industry-best tools to aggregate and visualize data across multiple sources, and then our data and behavioral scientists segment and model that data to be deployed in targeted marketing campaigns. We have data analytics expertise in retail, wholesale, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, political, and several other industries.

Digital Marketing

We help our customers get their message out, educate their market and tell their story. We do so creatively and effectively by deploying powerful call-to-action digital campaigns with national reach and boosting exposure and validation with coordinated advertising in print media. Our fully-developed marketing plans are founded on sound research methodologies, brand audits and exploration of the competitive landscape. Whether our customer is a challenger brand, a political candidate, or a well-known household name, our strategists are skilled at leveraging data and creating campaigns that move people to make decisions.

Branding and Creative Services

We approach branding from a “big picture” perspective, establishing a strong identity and then building on that to develop a comprehensive branding program that tells our customer’s story, articulates what sets our customer apart from their competitors and establishes our customer in their market.

Development and Managed Infrastructure Support

We develop commerce-focused, user-friendly digital websites and apps that elevate our customer’s marketing position and draw consumers to their products and services. Our platform-agnostic approach allows us to architect and build solutions that are the best fit for each customer. Once the digital properties are built, our experts will help manage and protect the website or app and provide the expertise needed to scale the infrastructure needed as our customer’s business grows.

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