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SWARM is an end-to-end solution that helps businesses find who to talk to, what to say to them, and how to motivate them to take meaningful action. It does this by applying advanced data science, behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and market research techniques to discover, develop and create custom audiences for any business activity. With applications, such as marketing, brand perception, customer relationship management, human resources management and operational logistics, SWARM delivers powerful audience-driven business intelligence to convert opportunities into business success.

The Problem

Marketers have largely taken a blanket approach to communication. The same message is often sent across an entire customer audience with little regard for how different groups of people communicate, build communities, and develop their purchasing habits. When they do segment audiences, they use very objective selection criteria, such as income, geography, education or purchase history to deduce attitudes or intentions.

However, research has shown that attitudes and intentions are weak predictors of behavior, which is ultimately what marketers want to influence and affect. (Source)

Instead, motivations and feelings are much better at predicting behavior. But, they are also the hardest to deduce from audience data.

The Solution – SWARM

SWARM is a behavioral science approach to audience creation and communication. It helps marketers probe deep consumer motivations and triggers, in order to effectively predict and influence their actions. If marketers can influence action, they can get people to buy, change the opinion of, or support a particular brand, business, or person.

There are 4 major products in SWARM:
BUZZ - Behavior Based Market Research

Market research is evolving. The techniques being developed today are more sophisticated and backed by strong data science. Despite these changes, many traditional research firms have failed to innovate: small sample sizes, survey design bias, improper weighting, and gut intuition sampling are just some of the issues that plague the industry. BUZZ is designed with the ability to put a finger on the pulse of the marketplace in the moment. It does this by deducing attitudes, emotions, and opinions from various internal and external data sources such as customer data, social media activity, or micro and macro trends. We have automated the market research process to provide a level of statistical depth beyond what traditional firms can offer.

THE SWARM – Intelligent Audience Building

The core of our solution, and what separates us from other audience data companies, is our unique approach to audience building. The concept of ‘personas’ has been around for decades, but we take that general concept to the next level. THE SWARM was developed to solve not only who to talk to, but also what to say to them, and how to motivate them to take meaningful action. Using our proprietary clustering and behavioral analysis techniques, we are able to create audiences that are more efficient, targeted, and focused than traditional methods. Our clustering not only finds the right people to talk to, but also the message that motivate them.

HIVE – Redefined Geographic Targeting

Conventional geographic audience targeting is outdated. Arbitrary units of location like counties, cities, DMAs, and regions were created hundreds of years ago based on land rights ownership. Their use in understanding people’s behavior, purchase habits, and underlying values is minimal. We solve this by clustering people into granular geographic tribes, called “Hives.” Hives, are defined by attributes such as common language (e.g., colloquialisms), shared experience and narratives (e.g., climate, history), and concentrated demography and biology (e.g., ethnicity, age). Based on the needs of our clients, we can completely redraw the geographic lines based on various Hive selection criteria. This makes marketing more efficient, business decisions more intelligent, and growth more plausible.

HONEY – Advanced Reporting and Visualization

Advanced audience data analysis technologies are useless if it doesn’t produce simple, powerful and actionable business intelligence. HONEY comes with user-friendly reporting and visualization tools to organize and explain all of the advance data science into a simple to understand format for decision makers. HONEY combines the intelligence of client CRM data with third-party consumer data and targeted market research to create a powerful foundation for any audience intelligence solution.

*Source: 1 Kraus, S. J. (1995). Attitudes and the prediction of behavior: A meta-analysis of the empirical literature. Personality and social psychology bulletin, 21(1), 58-75.

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